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Universal iPhone & Android Phone Car Truck Mount Window Suction Cup Holder GPS


Part Number: 1FRCM-NB


We have run out of stock for this item.

iPhone Suction Cup Car Mount. Color: Black. For Use With: iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S & Various Full Size iPods --- NewlyManufactured --- Tired of yourexpensive iPhone sliding off your car's dashboard onto to the wet& dirty floor? Maybe it's been getting scratched up bouncing around in your cup holder. This suction cup window mount is the answer to your problems! Its vacuum suction but will adhere to any smoothsurface, ideally a window, without leaving any nasty residue or glue behind! It can be easily moved and re-situated as many times as necessary without losing its stick. I have personallytested it with an iPhone 4S and it held it extremely tight.The mount is sturdy enough that it won't jiggle or move when put into the desired position. If you'vejust bought one of our modified Aux Input Radios, it's great for keeping your phone visible while playing music! It's also great for using your phone's GPS features! *Note: Fifth picture is to illustrate the usage of the product. iPhone 4S is, unfortunately, not included!
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