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Official 1 Factory Radio Greyhound Square Logo Sandblasted Pint Glass


Part Number: 1FRQP


Official 1 Factory Radio Pint Glass Square Logo Variation Want to show support for our company or just love Greyhounds? This listing is for a pint glass which has been sandblasted with our motto and the square variation of our Greyhound logo featuring our mascot, rescue Greyhound, Logo! Previously only made available to employees, this is a high quality, brand new Anchor Hocking pint glass. The image has been professionally sandblasted onto the glass and will never fade, even after years in the dishwasher. The glass itself is clear and has been filled with red liquid in the first two pictures to better illustrate the look when in use. This listing is for 1 pint glass. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!