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Mercury Villager Nissan Quest 2000-02 Radio AM FM CS w Aux Input YF5F-18C870-AB

SKU: 638-01220-A

Part Number: YF5F-18C870-AB


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2000 - 2001 - 2002 Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest AM FM Cassette w Auxiliary Input & CD Controls. Part Number: YF5F-18C870-AB Compatible Part Number: XF5F-18C870-AD. This is an AM FM Cassette radio with CD Control for a Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest. The CD control feature allows you to control a CD changer in the console or rear of the vehicle. Confirm your plugs for a sure, plug and play fit! This unit has been upgraded with Auxiliary Input in the face so you can listen to your Android, iPhone, iPod, mp3 Player or Satellite radio without playing around with FM Modulators. Upgrade and listen to your music the way it's supposed to sound, free of static and distortion! This radio has been cleaned, serviced as needed, and upgraded with auxiliary input, then re-checked. It comes with a 90 day warranty. No codes required, it will plug and play! Operation of the iPod jack is a snap...literally! Just snap your accessory in and you will be listening to it through all of your car speakers! Tired of listening to static over your FM Modulated Satellite Radio? Now you can listen to satellite radio the way it is supposed to sound, clean and crisp! With our Aux Input, you can use the volume, bass, treble, fader and balance controls as you would with the rest of the radio! Press the clock button and you have clock display. There is no compromise on the audio going into the jack as it is running straight into the amp! Removal tools available upon request. *** Phone and 3.5mm cable the in first picture are unfortunately not included. This listing is for the radio with aux input only. ***