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Lincoln Navigator 1998 P100 AM FM Cassette Radio With Aux Input F85F-19B165-BA

SKU: 638-01102-A

Part Number: F85F-19B165-BA


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1998 Lincoln Navigator P100 Radio - AM FM Cassette with CD Control - Upgraded with iPod Aux Input - Premium Sound Version -Part: F85F-19B165-BA - Display: Blue - ** ATTENTION** - Be absolutely sure to check and compare your plugs before purchasing. This plug style was not used in all of the supported vehicles on the application chart and is commonly mispurchased. Don't make the same mistake! Please DO NOT buy this radio before checking your plugs or contacting a Ford dealer with your VIN. This is a factory original OEM AM FM Cassette w CD Control radio with Aux Input for iPhone, Android, Satellite Radio & More! It is for the Premium Sound System and utilizes the P100 plug configuration. Function is 100%, no codes required. Operation of the Aux jack is a snap...literally! Just plug it in and you will be listening to your audio through all the vehicles speakers in great quality! You can even control your bass and treble through the radio! Forget those shoddy FM transmitters and upgrade today! Please contact seller with fitment or function questions.