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Chrysler Jeep Dodge RBK Digital 22-10 Radio 02-07 AM FM CD Bluetooth Pigtail Aux

SKU: 638-01481C-BT-B

Part Number: P05091506AG


-- 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007-- Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler RBK Digital 22-10 Radio AM FM CD Player Upgraded with Bluetooth Input and a Pigtail Aux --- Upgraded and Fully Serviced --- Newer & Improved Digital 22-10 Version - Please Note: Sliders and Digital RBK Are Not Compatible With Each Other! If your vehicle is showing as "Incompatible" with the Compatibility Chart please visit OUR STORE for more listings! If you are still having trouble, contact us so we can direct you to the correct eBay listing. Even if it is showing compatible with your vehicle please compare the plugs on your radio to ours as some vehicles used either plug configuration. USED IN MANY MODEL CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP VEHICLES FROM 2002-2007 THIS IS THE VERSION WITH DIGITAL AUDIO CONTROL. PART NUMBER P05091506AG THIS RADIO HAS THE NEW STYLE CHRYSLER PLUGS 22 & 10 PIN BLUE-GREEN DISPLAY Completely interchangeable with the following part numbers & more! P05064354AC, P05064354AD, P05064354AG, P05064354AJ, P05091556AD, P05091888AA, P056038589AG, P056038589AH P056038589AI, P056038589AK, P056038589AL, P056038589AN SERVICED AND COMES WITH A 90 DAY WARRANTY. PLUG AND PLAY NO CODES! Please Note: If you are downgrading from the CD cassette RBP, 6 Disc RBQ or navigation RB1 radio you may run into a few problems such as the radio display not working correctly, intermittent sound problems, scrambled text, and even the CD player not functioning correctly. OPERATION OF THE BLUETOOTH BUTTON IS A SNAP JUST PRESS YOUR ACCESSORY IN AND YOU WILL BE LISTENING TO IT THROUGH ALL OF YOUR CAR SPEAKERS. TIRED OF LISTENING TO STATIC OVER YOUR FM MODULATED SATELLITE RADIO? JUST PRESS A BUTTON AND LISTEN TO SATELLITE RADIO THE WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO SOUND! USE THE VOLUME CONTROL ON THE RADIO AS YOU USUALLY WOULD. SAME WITH THE BASS, TREBLE, FADER, AND BALANCE. PRESS THE CLOCK BUTTON AND YOU HAVE CLOCK DISPLAY. HAS NO EFFECT ON THE OPERATION OF THE FACTORY CD CHANGER, JUST OPERATE IT AS YOU ALWAYS DID. Please note: that this will not work with phone calls as phone manufacturers have designed calls to work with Bluetooth mic systems only. When you do not want to listen to Bluetooth music, simply unpair or turn off your device's Bluetooth. THE AUXILIARY INPUT IS A SNAP TO OPERATE. LITERALLY! JUST PLUG IN YOUR 3.5MM CABLE AND IT WILL PLAY IN FULL CRISP CLEAN QUALITY. WHEN YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO THE RADIO AGAIN SIMPLY UNPLUG THE CABLE! THE AUDIO IS FULL QUALITY AND TAKES ADVANTAGE OF ALL SOUND CONTROLS ON THE RADIO. FORGET THOSE SHODDY FM TRANSMITTERS AND LISTEN TO MUSIC THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO SOUND! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE OPERATION OF THE JACK PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US!