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Chrysler Dodge Jeep RBB Radio 2003-2007 AM FM Cassette w Bluetooth & CD Controls

SKU: 638-01481B-BT

Part Number: P56038588AJ


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Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler AM FM Cassette / CD Control Radio Modified with Bluetooth Input. Upgraded and Fully Serviced. Fits many models 2001 to 2007. Please compare the plugs on your radio to ours. This plug style may not have been used in all of the supported vehicles shown on the chart so Be sure to check and compare your plugs before purchasing! THIS RADIO DOES NOT HAVE A CD PLAYER! IT HAS CD CONTROLS TO OPERATE AN EXTERNAL CD DEVICE. THIS ITEM IS A LATE MODEL CHRYSLER AND JEEP ROUND FACED AMFM CD UPGRADED BY US WITH BLUETOOTH IPOD, MP3, SATELLITE RADIO JACK RIGHT ON THE FACE. FULLY FEATURED RBB OPTION CODE. PART NUMBER P56038588AJ. THIS RADIO HAS THE NEW STYLE 22 & 10 PIN CHRYSLER PLUGS. BLUE DISPLAY. SERVICED AND COMES WITH A 90 DAY WARRANTY. YES ALL THE BUTTONS WORK! YES EVERYTHING WORKS! ITS REBUILT! PRESS AND PLAY NO CODES! Please Note: If you are downgrading from the CD cassette RBP, 6 Disc RBQ or navigation RB1 radio you may run into a few problems such as the radio display not working correctly, intermittent sound problems, scrambled text, and even the CD player not functioning correctly. The Bluetooth upgrade is simple to operate! Just pair the device, press the Bluetooth button and play your music or most in-app audio, including iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, Netflix and many, many more will play in full, crisp, clean quality while taking advantage of all sound controls on the radio. To complete paring, some devices require a pass key or code which is "0000." Please note: that this will not work with phone calls as phone manufacturers have designed calls to work with Bluetooth mic systems only. When you do not want to listen to Bluetooth music, simply unpair or turn off your device's Bluetooth. Used in many models from 2001 - 2007. This radio has the newstyle plugs. This radio also has the steering wheel control feature. Appearance is good as pictured. Function is perfect. No codes required.

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