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Chevy GMC 1995-2005 Truck Van Radio AM FM Cassette Player With Aux mp3 Input

SKU: 638-01007C-A-CT

Part Number: 15757047


2 reviews

1995-2002 (Up to 2005 in some vans) Chevy GMC Truck Mount Radio AM FM Cassette Player with iPod Aux Input ---Upgraded and Fully Serviced --- Option Code: UL0 Please note that Blazers use both mounts depending on the body. This is a truck slide mount and will only mount in vehicles which utilized this design. Please note: that this radio will not function in a Bose system as it requires a specialized part number. We have them available on occasion so feel free to send us a message or contact us if you don't see them in our store. This listing is for a '95-'02 (sometimes up to '05) Chevrolet truck and van factory OEM AM FM Cassette Player Radio that has been upgraded with Auxiliary input the face. This radio has slide mounts. It will fit a wide variety of trucks and vans. Part numbers vary widely and there are many completely interchangeable units. This unit is completely unlocked and cleared for Plug & Play use so you can skip the trip and tribute to the dealer! You will not lose any functionality due to the aux input and the radio will have all factory OEM features! This radio has been unlocked, cleaned, serviced as needed and thoroughly double-checked. Appearance is great as pictured, function is perfect! The commonly cracked bass, treble, balance and fade knobs, as well as the volume and tune knobs have all been replaced and are brand new. All of the lights in the face have also been replaced so your radio will be bright for years to come. No codes required, it will plug and play! It features AM FM, a cassette player and auxiliary Input for use with iPod, iPhone, Android, Satellite Radio, MP3 Players and more! It will work with the factory Remote CD Player. We stand proudly behind our products so this radio is covered by a 90 Day Replace or Refund Warranty As you can see from our feedback, we package carefully and ship promptly via UPS Insured. This model came with different part numbers that are completely interchangeable, therefor you may receive a different part number than seen above. Please let us know before purchase if you would like a specific part number so we can check availability. This radio came with and without a fan but unless you are in a very, very hot climate, it is unnecessary. If you would like a fan, please let us know upon purchase. The radio you receive will be professionally remanufactured and upgraded as described. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your purchase!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
terry kirk trochu alberta

have never had a radio install in ten minuets using original hook ups . love the aux feature use it often . people ask where i got it with the port. even listen to phone calls through the speakers!!!!! thanks 1 factory !!!!

Cuno W

Dear Factory Radio,

I received the radio in the time frame you indicated. Thanks!

I got it installed today and I must say, it is fantastic!! I'm happy-happy-happy!

I don't know why I ever went with a fancy impossible to use aftermarket brand (read panasonic). The lights transitioned from one color to all the colors of the rainbow all the time and the manual did not tell you how to turn it off. At night, it would illuminate my truck cab like a Boeing 747 cockpit and made driving my truck very annoying (nine months worth of annoying!) The clock was near imposable to read day or night! It was impossible to program too, so I just left it whatever time it was and add or subtract an hour to correspond with daylight savings time. To read the clock, I actually had to pull over on the side of the road and squint to see it. Trying to use the tiny presets for the radio was a pain so I would keep an old Q-Tip handy for that purpose. And last but not least, trying to go from AM, to FM, to Auxiliary while driving needed an advanced degree in Fortran's or some such computer language not yet developed in the modern era and I would definitely not recommend trying to change them while driving unless you've consulted with your auto insurance company and NASA!

This Delco is a radio of simple design and a joy to use (affection and love), sounds great, is easy to use and has knobs, dials and buttons even Paul Bunyan would appreciate! The clock is a god send and keeps me on time (for happy hour) at a moments glance. The numbers are sized right so us older guys with poor vision can easily see them day or night!

Thank you for making my life good again!

The world can go on with its nonsense and mayhem, but at least I'll live happily ever after with my Delco radio from you guys!

BTW, kudos to your staff, they kept me in the loop.

I wish American business got back to great customer service and a quality product like you guys have!

Peace, love, joy and God Bless you guys!