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Chevy 95-05 Truck Radio - AM FM CD Player w Aux mp3 Input in Face - Silver Black

SKU: 638-01007D-A-SI

Part Number: 638-01007D-A-SI


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1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 - Various GM Truck OEM Factory Radio - AM FM CD with Aux Input - SILVER and BLACK version - This radio is used in Chevy and GMC 1995-2002 trucks. It has been refinished with a more durable candy coat auto body silver paint and the buttons have been repainted with a more durable flecktone black finish as well. Due to the hand made nature of this finish, there may be minor visual inconsistencies but you will receive the exact radio pictured. This radio looks amazing in person and the pictures do not do it justice! If you are interested with different color finish, face and/or buttons, please get in touch. The aux input is a direct link to the radio's amplifier so there is no loss of frequency response and no annoying snap, crackle and pop you get with FM Modulators. Hear your audio device through all the speakers nice and clean! To operate the Aux Input, simply plug your device in and the radio will automatically detect the input and change to that source. You can even use the Bass, Treble, Fader and Balance on your radio! This radio is fully rebuilt and all of the lights in the face have been replaced with brand new bulbs. All features are 100% and appearance is great as pictured. The display screen has a protective film on it as seen in the picture. Function is perfect. This radio will NOT require dealer turn on it is plug and play. Please contact seller with fitment or function questions.
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