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92 Oldsmobile Base Achieva OEM Right Tail Lamp Single Light Part Number 05975884

SKU: 166-01452AR-U

Part Number: 05975884


-- 1992 -- Oldsmobile Achieva Used Right Tail Lamp Single -- USED CONDITION -- *** BULBS NOT INCLUDED *** Part Number: 05975884 Interchange Part Number: 166-01452AR We purchased the inventory of an 80 year old auto parts business. Included are used parts in good condition. These items have been stocked away for many years, out of public view. No extra charge for DUST! This is for a 1992 Oldsmobile Right Tail Lamp. This right tail lamp has been cleaned. Appearance is as pictured, function is perfect! This unit is being sold as a REPLACEMENT ONLY! The part number for this right tail lamp is 05975884. If you do not have this exact part number currently in your vehicle, it will likely NOT WORK. Please verify that this is the unit you require before purchase. The item you receive will be as pictured and described. Please let us know before purchase if you would like a specific part number so we can check availability.