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2007-2008 Ford F-150 Truck Truck OEM Radio AM FM mp3 CD Player - 7L3T-18C869-BH

SKU: 638-00475-NOA6

Part Number: 7L3T-18C869-BH


We have run out of stock for this item.

2007 - 2008 Ford F-150 Pickup Radio AM FM mp3 CD Player. Part Number: 7L3T-18C869-BH. Compatible Part Numbers: 7L3T-18C869-BG / 7L3T-18C869-BK / 7L3T-18C869-BJ / 7L3T-18C869-BD / 7L3T-18C869-BE / 7L3T-18C869-BF / 8L3T-18C869-AF / 8L3T-18C869-AG. We also have this radio available with Aux Input! Please confirm that these are the plugs and mounting brackets that you need before purchase. Some of the vehicles used more than one style of radio. This radio has been cleaned, serviced as needed and thoroughly checked. No codes required, it will plug and play! Please note: that this radio will not work with the Shaker or Audiophile systems. Please contact seller with fitment or function questions. *** These radios came manufactured with and without a clock therefore you may receive a radio without a clock. If you need a radio with a clock, please contact us. ***