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1988-1994 Grey Chevy GMC Truck Factory OEM Equalizer Control Head Fade Balance

SKU: 638-00762J-NOA3

Part Number: 638-00762J


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Chevy GMC 1988-1994 Truck Factory OEM Grey Equalizer Control Head - Fade Balance - EQ Version - The vehicles that included this unit used both EQ and non-EQ versions of this unit. THIS CONTROL HEAD IS DESIGNED FOR THE TRUCKS THAT CAME WITH THE IN-DASH EQUALIZER. These trucks came with a 3 piece stereo system consisting of this Control Head (small part in dash with display you tune), Tape deck (center of dash, some had EQ, some did not) and Receiver box (mounted above accelerator pedal and the most common reason for defective radios in these trucks). Please contact seller with fitment or function questions.